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CV90 Tower Offence

A typical moment in CV90 Tower Offence.

If you have tried every Tower Defence game out there and are looking for something new, look no further. In BAE Systems' CV90 Tower Offence, the towers are your enemies and you are in control of state of the art combat vehicles. Try to guide your units through this reversed tower defence game and complete all the increasingly difficult missions.


  • 4 different vehicles based on real vehicles from BAE Systems
    • CV90 Infantry Fighting Vehicle
    • CV90 Armadillo
    • BvS10 VIKING
    • Terrier
  • 6 kinds of powerful towers to destroy
  • 8 maps in 4 varying environments from dry deserts to snowy landscapes
  • Tactical planning and gameplay

For more screenshots and other media. Visit the CV90 Tower Offence Media page.

Visit AppStore to get the game for iPhone. You can also download the PC-version of the game and view more info about the featured vehicles at BAE Systems CV90 page